Who am I

Paula Barros

  • Porto, Portugal
  • Language teacher
  • Lexicographer, Translator
  • apb@portuguesmente.com

Languages are my world and Portuguese is my Universe, I was born in Portugal where I grew up, but through my studies and family in Brazil, I am also deeply acquainted with the brazilian variant.

Between 1985 and 1990, I studied in Porto, Portugal, Modern Languages and Literatures – Portuguese and German Studies. Later I decided I needed an English degree and attended from 1994 to 1997 Modern Language and Literature – English and German Studies. I didn’t finish it, because I started working for a major Publishing House.

After my studies I worked as a freelance language teacher for Portuguese, German and English as Foreign Languages and as a freelance translator mostly for law, technical and medical documents from Spanish, English, French and German into Portuguese.

My professional life started at CIAL (now closed in Porto) with teaching Portuguese as a foreign language, to learners from a wide range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. It was a fascinating experience.

1992 I changed to Encounter English, here I also taught very successfully portuguese learners how to speak German and I was team leader of its German department: I was responsible for syllabi, student assessment, classes’organization and pedagogical support for the german teachers. Until 1997 besides CIAL and Encounter English I also held courses in several schools, namely for the Superior School of Nursing, as a lecturer of English for Nurses and Portuguese for Erasmus students, and some more schools in Porto such as Centro Germânico, Instituto Audio-visual de línguas.

1997 I made a professional change: by a trick of fate an add in the newspaper led me to the publishing house, Porto Editora and their Dictionaries department were I worked as lexicographer for several dictionaries and as a editor for the monolingual dictionary Dicionário Editora da Língua Portuguesa.

2000 was again a year of change I married and moved to Munich, Germany with my husband where we lived for 5 years. Again as a freelance, I kept my collaboration with Porto Editora working in its actual edition of the Portuguese-German and German-Portuguese dictionaries while attending a course of further study in Computer linguistics.

2003 I started a Portuguese language school having taught staff from major clients such as Infineon, BMW, Böhme and several private learners.

2005 my son was born and again we moved back to Portugal where I am working as lexicographer, Translator, SEO-Optimizer and as language teacher.