Learn Portuguese

The best way to learn Portuguese is by speaking, listening, writing and reading in Portuguese. Of course, if you have the chance of learning Portuguese in a Portuguese speaking country even better. But if you can’t, then try it this way: learn Portuguese online from the comfort of your home.

Online Portuguese Lessons

You will find here several Portuguese language courses for every level of learning. You’ll learn according to the new orthography and you can choose between Portugal or Brazilian’s Portuguese.

In order for you to attend Portuguese lessons, you must first do an assement test to choose the best suitable course for you. Then you can choose self study lessons or individual live lessons for a more personalised rithm of learning or you can join a small group.

Register at our community and find other students or even a teacher in you area of residence.

Portuguese language exercices and games

You can always use the free exercices for all levels of learning. Every week there’ll new ones for you to try out and improve you r Portuguese knowledge. There will be portuguese grammar exercices, vocabulary, reading and understanding exercices. All free exercises of Portuguese!

Join us and develop your Portuguese language skills. Join a “club” of ober 200 million people!

In Portuguesmente: