Portuguese online courses

Here you can choose from our Portuguese language courses. They are organized into levels to make it easy for you to learn the language in a smooth, fun and enriching way. If you do not find here a suitable Portuguese lessons, please contact us with your request, we will know how to help you improve your Portuguese skills.

Survival Portuguese – lessons of portuguese for holidays

Level: A0 – 30 UL

This very basic course will provide you with … very basic portuguese skills. You’ll learn typical holiday vocabulary such as food and restaurants, basic health, transportation, and to ask simple questions for example in the hotel.

Portuguese for Beginners I

Level A1 – 40 UL+40 UL

The beginner’s course of Portuguese, introducing basic structures and basic vocabulary of the language.  Subjects are introducing oneself, numbers, basic food, time notions, school and learning objects, home.

Portuguese for Beginners II

Level A2 – 30 UL+30 UL

The second level of Portuguese for beginners deals with structures a bit more complex and yet basic such as the past or the future. and vocabulary of areas as family, places, descriptions, human body, clothing, work and leisure.

Intermediate Portuguese I

Level B1 – 30UL + 30UL

At this stage of learning mor complexe structures of the language are introduced. The vocabulary reflects and deepens everything already learned.

Intermediate Portuguese II

Level B2 – 30UL + 30UL

Now we deal with different levels of language. Formal, informal according to different contexts. Our themes are work, religion, astrology, and brief introduction to some subjects of science.

Proficiency Portuguese I

Level C1 – 30UL + 30 UL

Now you will speak, write, read and listen in Portuguese. We will deal with general themes of portuguese/brazilian history and culture as well as idiosyncrasies of the language.

Proficiency Portuguese II

Level C2 – 30UL + 30UL

The final level of learning Portuguese will focus on everything already learnt in depth. Now it’s the learner’s time to express himself/herself and correct all those minor mistakes that might still occur.